LOVE by Lee Posna

Garnets darken a stump.

There's the red carpet in me
and the one in you -
they meet in the center
like children.

We roll
as egg from spoon into sun.

Into the canopy a green balloon.

the cradle endlessly rocking
slows - you can see it
in the country - I foliate, I love you.

A rabbit there studies
erased in sun,
the carpet unrolls
as we push it, you know?

I adored this beautiful love poem written by my bro-in-law-to-be so much that I thought I'd produce it as a frieze as a special Christmas present for Lee and Therese.

Now I just have some jars of homemade muesli to make and then it's relaxation time from here on in.

Merry Christmas everyone!!
I'll be back in the New Year.


Anonymous said…
What a cool frieze & I could vouch for the muesli too! Happy New Year Bron! Graham
Lies said…
Happy happy new year my dear!!! Now that IS a beautifully presented poem. I chuckle, for the ribbed rubber is there again. Oh Bronwyn, you are so amazing XXX
Much much love, Lies

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