Stocking Fillers

My introspective mood has passed and the Christmas spirit has taken over in a big way. The decorations are in place (including my favourite Peruvian nativity scene) and the first prezzies have been wrapped. After many years of living on love and baked beans I've worked out that one of the keys to having a wonderful Christmas on a shoestring with a bountiful stash of prezzies under the tree is to find great stocking fillers. Each year I make or buy one special present for my nearest and dearest and then find lots of little gifts so that there's plenty to open at midnight on Christmas Eve after our annual viewing of 'Love Actually' (I know that sounds corny but it works for us!)

Here are a few of the things I've found so far:

Who can resist these little wooden pull toys - the angel and devil are just too cute. I found them at the '$3.00 Japan' store on Queen Street and from the same store I bought these beautiful hand-thrown ceramic bowls. They have a huge range of ceramics in all shapes and sizes right down the back of the shop, all for $3.00 a piece:

At my local oppie I found these pretty crocheted flowers that I'm using to embellish my plain brown wrapping paper; a vintage scarf that I've used as an alternative to wrapping paper and two cute crocheted strawberries that I'll stuff with nuts and chocolates. In the same op-shop I found these sweet fabric envelopes embroidered with lanterns and cherry blossoms. I think I'll make some pretty cards or notebooks to go in these.

All in all, my thrifty Christmas is off to a great start! More to come...


kimberlee said…
i love your style of christmas and that is a great tip about the pottery at $3 japan. but did you know their stuff is no longer $3? its $3.40!!!! they'll have to change their name.

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