Now that the sixth season of Project Runway has finally arrived on our screens here in NZ, it seemed like a good time to offer a give away of our latest Pania Press title, which is a poem by Jack Ross inspired by the tv series. Excuse the greyness of the photos - the crisp white Bockingford paper doesn't seem to photograph well.

Is form your master or your slave?

Diane von Furstenburg's aesthetic:
Lots of layers, flowy, elegant
Marlene Dietrich in
A Foreign Affair
a spy, a glamour girl
Berlin, Shanghai ...

I set the video rolling on longplay
halfway through the night before
it nets up everything
for those six hours
Project Runway included
our Saturday morning ritual over toast & jam

My taste is impeccable
Daniel's pompous declaration
earned him a braying laugh last week
from poster-girl Kenley
This time her skimpy dress
is "simply not enough"
to net the prize

No-one can layer prints like you do
Tim flatters
Diane accepts the tribute
as her due
The designers wet themselves
with glee to serve
such a big name

Is form your master or your slave?
I am an artist on the level
of Michelangelo or Van Gogh
thundered Santino
two years ago
Where is he now?
Designing quietly, one hopes
in Venice Beach

Supererogatory, yes
the insights
& yet I feel myself
debate the cut
fall for the sharpness
of a silhouette

The poem 'Silhouette' is from a limited edition of ten signed and numbered copies. A4 size, printed on Bockingford watercolour paper, with paper and fabric collage and machine sewn design elements.

If there are any fellow Project Runway enthusiasts out there, I have one copy to give away so if you would like to go in the draw to win it just leave a comment on this post.

Anyone from here in New Zealand or overseas is more than welcome to enter.

ps: If your comment doesn't lead me back to a blog or website just use the anonymous comment option, but be sure to leave your name in your message so that I can put your name in the hat.

I will announce the winner right here next Sunday, 28 February.


Clara said…
Wonderful! Would love to have a copy, and am keeping all fingers crossed.


cboza (at) vna1 (dot) com.
Meliors Simms said…
What a beautiful book! Wow, I would love love love to have one. But I feel I must confess to having never watched project runway, I hope that doesn't disqualify me.

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