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Whenever a new painting gets added to the collection, the occasion calls for a reshuffle of the contents of our small but perfectly formed 1960s brick and tile unit. It's a kind of welcoming ritual. The illusionistic effect of this work by Graham Fletcher, which I mentioned in a recent post, is that it creates another room within a room, and the objects in the painting form visual connections to the things in my actual living room.
like the three birds, for instance

The rotation of artworks that followed saw the rehanging of a Stanley Palmer linocut print of Auckland over my newly positioned writing table, which is now in a lovely breezy spot right next to the front door...
and two drawings by Emma Smith have been moved into the bedroom

An early Mistint work by Graham hangs in the kitchen, which is still in its original state with my favourite snifter-green painted cupboards.

Of course, Zero doesn't care a fig for the new arrangement - just so long as my reshuffling activities don't interfere with her valuable snooze time.


But I like the snifter green cupboards! The place looks great-est!
X Lies
Meliors Simms said…
what a treat to see your beautiful, interesting home. Having just unpacked in a new place I'm all about the arranging of art and objects around me. Thanks for the inspiration.

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