I've been flat out at work lately, but I decided to set aside Saturday for some long overdue crafting time. Works on paper were the order of the day, and I particularly wanted to make use of these lovely cardboard mounts in assorted sizes and colours that I bought locally from Factory Frames.

The plan was to design a couple of small editions of single poems for Pania Press, the first of which is a poem by Jack Ross called 'Lounge Room Tribalism,' inspired by the painting of the same name by Graham Fletcher that hangs in our lounge:

Bronwyn and Jack at home - photo by Katharina Jaeger

First, I typed out the poem on a delightfully wonky vintage typewriter my brother Greg bought for my birthday:

Lounge Room Tribalism
(for Graham Fletcher)

Faux sauvage
that was the
term we coined
for our in
design phi
of Gauguin
and Magritte
a strictly
te subord
to the cor
ridor that
you can't take
beside the
window look
ing iut on
that wild lawn

Then I started playing around with this assortment of coloured paper cut-outs that Graham gave me last year. He made them while he was developing his first series of Lounge Room Tribalism paintings in 2009, but he only used a few of them, and asked if I'd like to have the rest. Some of the shapes are inspired by Polynesian statues and carvings, others look like insects and sea creatures, and some are just strange amorphous shapes. Seeing the glorious Matisse cut-outs at the Auckland Art Gallery recently inspired  me to dig out Graham's paper cut-outs and have a play.

Here are a few text and cut-out combinations I've put together:

That was a great Saturday!


Meliors Simms said…
oh my, another beautiful, moving inspiring post, you really do make the most gorgous things, sometimes it seems so casually. I love that painting in your lounge too.
Karen J. Brown said…
I found your site by doing a Google search for Eugenio Carmi's art. Your work is incredible, and I'm excited about checking in to see all the projects you have going on. Very inspiring!
Bronwyn Lloyd said…
Thanks Meliors. Your comments always mean a lot to me.
And thanks for dropping by Karen, albeit accidentally. It's always good to have a new blogger friend.
Best wishes,


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