poster crimes

I suppose it's not the worst crime in the world, but lately I've taken to gathering free art posters that I find around and about, and repurposing them into other things. A few posters printed by Tessa Laird for the exhibition Auratica Fantastica at Auckland University earlier this year made their way home with me during the show. The posters have a list of  bibliographic entries on one side and squiggly script on the other.

Today I decided today to transform the posters into half a dozen invitations to send out to the members of a writers' group I'm starting up with six like-minded women. Each of us has a substantial writing project that we are keen to complete and we hope that regular meetings will offer us important feedback and encouragement as we write.

I've never been involved in a writers' group before, so I'm really excited about it. Jack has been a member of the Eye Street Writers' Group for the past seven years, and he says he finds the monthly meetings supportive, instructive and a great motivator to get a piece of writing completed before each workshop.


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