What is going on with the postal service lately? It took a week for a letter posted from Auckland City to reach me here, just across the bridge on the North Shore. It took over a week for a track-packed parcel to reach my mother in Christchurch for her birthday. My colleague at work told me that a parcel she posted in June to a relative in Germany only arrived a fortnight ago. That's crazy! It's  terrible to think that the electronic age is having such an impact on good old snail mail. There is no Saturday  delivery anymore, and my neighbours in the adjoining units don't even bother clearing their post-boxes, so soggy mail drops onto the ground where it either decomposes or blows away.

Well, I for one am not going to put up with it! It's time to start writing letters again, and making use of the postal service, before it becomes yet another casualty of contemporary life.  So, I say to you


My brother-in-law in Scotland asked for the recipe for a hearty vegetable soup I made for him when he was home recently. Now I could easily have emailed it to him, but I decided instead to type out the recipe (really poorly) on my funny old typewriter. I made a stamped manilla folder for it, and put it in a jazzy envelope that I made from the folded posters that are included in each issue of frankie magazine. Then I went down to the post office and sent it off. Easy as pie!!

I plan to do a lot more old fashioned letter writing from now on.
I hope you will too.


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