my madeleine

I've made up the first batch of thirty copies of our Christmas book, My Madeleine, an anthology of stories by the five members of the Writers' Group I belong to. The illustrations in each copy are hand stamped, as are the manilla covers. Fifty copies are for the five of us to give away as presents to family, and friends and the remaining twenty will be sold through Pania Press. I'll post details shortly for anybody who might be interested in buying a copy.

Sadly, I've run out of time to complete Jack's special book before his 50th birthday next week, so it'll have to wait until Christmas. Never mind - there's only so much time in the day!

We're going ghost hunting this weekend at one of New Zealand's most haunted hotels, so I'm sure I'll have much to report when we return next week. If we return, that is!
Have a great week.


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