moving in (part 2)

I've done some rearranging and I think my new workspace is pretty much good to go. 
Here's a tour of the main room:

This little autograph book from the early 1900s was found by Jack's Mum in a box. We don't know who its owner was. It's full of poems, proverbs, and well-wishes, written by many hands, as well as a selection of line-drawn caricatures and half a dozen pretty watercolours, including this lovely rose-stem.

On the other side of the room I've set up a Lundia shelf to store my crafting bits and pieces and I've also made use of the old dispensary cabinet to house the Pania Press archive of publications.

The photo above has cropped the 'Pa' from the gorgeous Pania Press wallpaper bunting my sister made for our recent book launch, which now hangs in the window overlooking the garden.

I'm not generally a fan of weapons, but I made an exception for this rack of toy guns made by Jack's Dad for the four Ross kids.

My toys are enjoying the view from their new position on top of the shelf.

Now it's about time to get busy making things again before the looming new semester begins to claim all my attention.


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