moving in

This dear little building (the former surgery run by Jack's parents) is in the process of becoming my new studio. Having had to confine my crafting activities to tiny spaces and corners of rooms in the various places I've lived over the years, the prospect of having a three room 1960s building to play around in is just too exciting for words. 

It's taken a couple of weeks to sort and clear the contents of the sizeable examination room at the back. I've removed the old blinds and let the light flood in and I removed the squab from the old exam table so that I can use it as my new crafting table.

The first part of the moving process involved transporting my art and craft books and children's picture books from our flat across the road to their new home in the built-in shelves in the surgery. It's very nice  to be able to see my books all together in one place.

I'll have more pics to show you as I continue to set up the new space, which will be the headquarters for Pania Press and Mosehouse Studio as well as my writing room. 

This is the lovely shady spot directly behind the surgery with a little book-shed containing lots of classics. On fine days I can take my tea breaks here with Jack who has his own little building on the other side of the garden where he spends his mornings writing. Not a bad life really...


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