the waiting room

The lemon coloured waiting room in the surgery is housing the many books that we've sorted through so far before they head off to new homes. In the meantime, I couldn't resist hanging a few things on the bare walls, mainly collages and other works on paper in my collection that I'd been meaning to get framed for ages [left to right: four assorted collages by Graham Fletcher, a drawing by Emma Smith, Merope, and a print of the statue of Pania of the Reef in Napier, which inspired the name of our publishing imprint, Pania Press.]

This imposing oil painting from Graham Fletcher's 2006 series Heads has a wall to itself on the opposite side of the waiting room.  When the books have been cleared out I plan to recover the squabs for the two bench seats in a length of Sanderson linen I have in my fabric stash and use the room as my morning writing space.


Katy Wallace said…
Congratulations on the new space - must be lovely to move all those things across the road.
Love to stop in for a cuppa.

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