Fold 2

A couple of days ago, I found the most stunning Japanese paper craft book in a second hand bookshop (published by Isaac Pitman and Sons, London, 1967).
It's one of those books that makes you want to get busy crafting immediately because everything in it is so amazingly designed, from the sophisticated simplicity of a paper lounge suite, to the imposing figure of a paper horse with a wide flowing mane. Only a selection of the works are accompanied by instructions on how to make them, but the beautifully shot full-page black and white photographs make it easy enough to work out how to create many of the other objects in the book, or better still, learn how to apply the various techniques to your own designs. Here's a sampling of some of the other pieces in this fantastic book:


Justine said…
This book is amazing. So happy to have found your blog :)
Bronwyn Lloyd said…
Thanks for dropping by Justine. Yes, this book is rapidly becoming one of my most prized craft books.

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