Fold 3

This week I've been experimenting with making small models out of paper in preparation for making more complicated 3d scenes that incorporate stand-alone features, like this bridge, as well as pop-up technology, like this church:

In the quest to master more and more dazzling techniques with paper, it's good to remember that the simplest pop-up forms are often the most effective, and that even the most complex pop-ups derive from the simple fold / cut / fold back principle.

Experimenting with paper craft, according to Sadami Yamada and Kiyotada Ito, leads to 'a planned development of your powers of observation and your sensitivity to plastic forms and a gradual growth toward orginality...' Having attained these, 'you will be able to bring poetic and romantic materialisation to the images that flow forth from your inner self. You will be able to discover beautiful forms. These things also nurture vital elements in growth in knowledge of the functional and physical makeup of things.'

Now that's a goal worth working towards isn't it.

Have a great weekend!


Elizabeth said…
I wonder if you know of this english woman's paper work. I think you would like it.

Bronwyn Lloyd said…
Thanks so much for the link to Su Blackwell's paper works Tomascita. They are spectacular!
Best wishes,


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