small things

I recently found this tiny wooden farm in a second hand shop in Tawa. The background to the shot is an illustration from the beautiful Gecko Press book Seasons by Blex Bolex, a much appreciated prezzie from Gabriel and Lies.

Among Lies's many creative skills, she happens to be an amazing knitter. She documents her projects here. Drop by for a look - I promise you, you'll have the knitting bug in no time at all. I was admiring one project featuring knitted origami booties, which you can view here. I wondered whether they would work as well in felt, so I made a pair in grey merino roving that I felted with a red stripe through it. When the booties are sewn together they look like they've been dipped in red ink, which is cute. They'll make a nice gift for our friends Ellen and Brett who have their first baby due in winter.

The start of a paper mouse - a new project perhaps... The image in the background is from the 1966 Mother Goose Treasury illustrated by Raymond Briggs.

And my favourite small thing - Zero resting in the wheelbarrow after an exhausting day watching me weed the garden.


Tin grew said…
Super cute Booties !

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